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And . . . We Are Back!

I might as well tell you that TTAG has been a low priority for me since I won a big contract doing tech editing for a large clothing manufacturer AND decided that I wanted to go back to university full time. I might as well tell you that I’ve tried to recruit others to join me here but the attraction of a blog about grammar is about as appealing for most as having your wisdom teeth pulled sans Novocaine. I might as well show you this screenshot that I’m sure will at least make you snicker:

I might as well point out to L’avventura that the phrase is “might as well” not “minus well.”

Finally, I might as well tell you that the state of good grammar is at its lowest I’ve ever seen. I fear I am losing the war. I am attending a well-known university in Boston, MA, and not only are my peers horrible, but one of my instructors shocked—shocked! I tell youme with his horrible writing. To make matters worse, he taught a science class, a discipline that demands accuracy and precision. Despite his ineptitude, I passed with an “A” (and I grabbed many juicy screenshots of his work which I’ll put up soon). Thanks for sticking around.